what do you remember about learning to read as a child?

An autobiographical essay


write an essay that reflects of yourself as a writer.  The assignment includes several questions that will help you  understand the kinds of information to include.

1-what do you remember about learning to read as a child?

2-what do you remember about learning to write as a child?

3-do you write in more than one language ? If so what do you remember about ?

4-what kind of writing have you done in school ?

5-how the teacher help your writing and reading progress?

6-did your family have any involvement in helping you learn? did your friend?

7-what do you hope to learn from this course and this book?

Write 500 words

1-The essay begins with an introduction that includes a thesis statement.

2-The body of the essay is well organized, and the main points are clear.

3-The paragraphs are developed.

4-There is some coherence among the points.

5-There is a short conclusion.

6-The essay has the correct format.

7-The wording is clear and the writer uses effective vocabulary.

8-The grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct.

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