Why would people want to engage and conduct business with you?

Unit Three Learning Activity-personal branding

There are two Learning Activities in the unit.

Career Competency: Personal Branding

In Unit 2, you have already started the process of branding yourself through the Personal SWOT analysis and Outcome List. Take another look at your Strengths and Opportunities. Pull out the two to three words that resonate with you most that describe you. Remember, when you are out there in business, you are the product and how you position this product, depends upon you.

For example, you might be an Artistic Engineer or an Articulate Organizer.

By using your two to three word statements that are your tagline and brand, create a 30-second elevator speech (pitch) where you will sell your most valuable product, you. As a result of your pitch, why would people want to engage and conduct business with you? Why would people want to hire you? Always be ready with your branding statement and elevator pitch as one never knows when opportunity will knock. Oh yes, do not forget to close the deal too i.e., follow up with a scheduled meeting to talk further.

Learning Activity Checklist:

  • Create your own branding statement with one to two adjectives and a noun i.e., your own tag line.
  • Create your 30-second elevator speech (product pitch).
  • Why would people want to engage and conduct business with you?
  • Why would people want to hire you?

Complete this Learning Activity by submitting your 30 second branding statement (elevator pitch) to the Unit Three Learning Activity DropBox so the Professor can learn more about you too.

In this Assignment on creating a 30 second elevator speech (pitch) you will engage in developing the following professional competencies:

  • Personal Presentation and Professionalism by managing one’s own brand, career and advancement strategy; and delivering an effective elevator speech.
  • Hence, I want to be Certified Public Acccount (Thats self is my brand for this assigment).


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