Do not simply describe, summarize, comment or paraphrase an essay/reading as a central organizing method for your essay. This doesn’t tell us how YOUR understanding of an idea or how YOU plan to use it in YOUR essay.

PAPER DEADLINE: THURSDAY DEC. 3, 2015 Last Day of Class to your TA after Class Lecture.
GOAL(S): We want to be sure that you can organize and sustain a reasonable, consistent and original
argument around a central angle or point (thesis). The thesis or central idea should be defended or
supported with your well-argued assertions or claims consistently throughout the paper. (If you have no
thesis or central idea, your paper will be headless and this is not a good way to start a paper.) The
supporting assertions, in turn, must be persuasively supported by evidence/examples that are fully
discussed to show the clear relation to your assertions and to the thesis/central point or angle. The
conclusion should indicate the implications of the case argued in your paper. The prose should be clear
and consistently grammatical. You should be able to manage the topic/thesis within the proportions of the
page length. (You definitely do not want to talk in generalities and clichés throughout paper.) Please take
the time to define, explain, and provide a clear and original angle and evidence for the central assertions.
The point of your paper is to make persuasive and consistent case for your particular idea (point or thesis)
throughout your paper. Be sure to review carefully the “General Guidelines to Written Work in ASA 1” in
your ASA 1 READER Folder (First Day documents) on SmartSite. Please talk to your TA about serious
late paper penalties in this class. The paper should show you critically thinking through ideas, engaging
with them in ways that show you are really trying to process and understand the ideas in your own
original voice and writing.
Again, the “DO-NOTS” for this paper:
● Do not simply state important opinions or conclusions without providing the necessary argument
that will demonstrate–clearly and convincingly–how YOU arrived at your conclusion or line of
reasoning throughout paper.
● Do not simply describe, summarize, comment or paraphrase an essay/reading as a central
organizing method for your essay. This doesn’t tell us how YOUR understanding of an idea or
how YOU plan to use it in YOUR essay. It eats up valuable space for your own voice and critical
● Do not use clichés (ideas and language) and fuzzy or meaningless generalities or PC language.
● Do not use up paper space with lots of quotes or worse yet, big block quotes; be selective. If you
use a lot of quotes to fill up space, this will be a clear indication that you are not doing the
necessary analysis of putting your ideas together. Use evidence to enhance your specific
assertions–not as a substitute for your ideas.
● DO NOT PLAGIARIZE as your academic ethics and integrity are on the line. If you do not
understand the syllabus definition of plagiarism, please talk to your TAs. Do not plagiarize ideas
from website papers or notes, an old student paper, etc. Do not plagiarize ideas from books,
articles, media, people, friends, or students in your class directly or indirectly.
● Do not buy papers online as that is cheating and TAs check these sites. See MLA Handbook
(book or online citation information) for correct ways to cite directly and/or indirectly.
The paper must:
1. Be at least 6-7 pages long (exclusive of bibliography). The paper should reach the bottom of the
page 6 at a minimum, exclusive of bibliography page.
2. Be on ONE topic only (see below for topics). Be sure to cite the topic option and reading in your
thesis paragraph as it makes it easier to know what option you selected.
3. Be formatted properly:
a. Document requirements:
i. 12-point font
ii. 1-inch margins
iii. Double-spaced
iv. Stapled
v. On white paper
b. Title requirements:
i. On the first page (single-spaced and aligned to the top left):
1. Course title
2. Your name
3. TA name/section number
4. The date.
5. A catchy paper title (aligned to the top middle of first page).
ii. On every page:
1. Page numbers (aligned to the top right)
4. Be spell-checked and proofed by you or someone who can check your prose/grammar.
5. Use transitions. The prompts to each of the topic options are meant to guide you through
brainstorming about the thesis/the central point that you are going to make in your paper before
you start writing. So think about how to weave or relate the questions in the prompt to the central
point/thesis you are going to state/construct for building your first paper. Do not just answer one
question after another like a robot.
CHAPTERS that you researched in SHIELDS library shelves and/or library computer
research databases for journals/media/documents. The research materials you select should
be significant journal articles, documents, book chapter(s) or media/film that suggest you
know how to do some basic research for high quality, well-researched materials to use in
support of your own analysis and bibliography. If you are unsure about what to use, ask
your TA and they will be able to tell you if it counts as a serious or significant article,
chapter, reading, film, etc.
7. Cite all sources. This includes any that you reference as a quote or as an idea (directly or
indirectly) in your paper. If citing from pdf readings in the ASA 1 Reader, please cite the specific
article/reading. Do NOT cite the ASA 1 Reader as the source for any individual reading/article,
but use the individual citations provided. If the specific citation for a pdf reading on
SmartSite is unclear, please ask your TA for assistance.
8. Supply a bibliography for all works used in your paper, preferably in MLA style. If you don’t
know how to cite, you may pick-up free information on citation styles from the library or online,
or purchase a student handbook on MLA/APA style. Be consistent with each entry.
9. Ask for extra help (if you need it). The following resources are available:
a. Student Academic Success Center (SASC). Basic writing assistance is offered through
Writing and ESL Support workshops at SASC located in Dutton Hall. Students may also
sign up for drop-in tutoring, which are one-on-one appointments with a writing specialist.
For further information, visit NOTE:
You must sign-up in-person; do not wait until last minute to schedule an appointment.
b. Visit Shield Library reference librarians. Talk to your TA if you need assistance on your
paper ideas.
IMPORTANT: You are responsible for keeping a back-up copy of your paper in case it gets lost.
Option 1: Mary Paik Lee’s Quiet Odyssey
In ‘Doing Gender with a Feminist Gaze: A Historical Reconstruction of Asian America’, Shirley Hune
states that “viewing Asian American women’s lives as gendered reveals how they have actively
negotiated and contested traditional hierarchical gender relations and flexed their gender roles to fulfill
personal goals and to pursue household and community interests” (427). Explain and define in your own
words what Hune’s quote specifically means as part of your thesis paragraph and thesis angle for this
Using and discussing specific examples from Mary Paik Lee’s Quiet Odyssey, “Chapter 6” of Sucheng
Chan’s Asian Americans: An Interpretive History, Hune pdf reading and a minimum of two external
sources, discuss one of the following topics:
• the issues and challenges that Korean American women faced as they fulfilled various roles in
their household and in their communities.
• the roles and activities of Korean American women in the transnational movement for Korean
Remember, you are writing a paper in an Asian American history course and you should be thinking
about how the above options are embedded/situated/contextualized in particular historical times and
spaces. In your opening thesis paragraph, the reader should know clearly and precisely which one of the
above options you picked.

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